I am back

I am back with consciousness; I am back with flesh, blood, pain and sadness,
I am back with emotions attached, I am back to learn myself for wonders,
I am back touching my soul with words, thinking only you my next soul,
I am back

Love, hate, black and white,
I am back with stories of our souls alike,
I am back to hear your pain, to touch your lips, to understand your pain,
I am back to feel the breeze with smooth music,
I am back to kiss you in rainy and gloomy days,

With soul touching your soul and mating of birds in cold,
I am back to heal your pain,
I will teach you, I will suffer for you,
I will take your pain; I will come along with you in nights and days,
Wherever, whenever, however and whatsoever,
I am back to make my soul jump over and over,

World runs on duality,
No two women generally accepts me,
But I am back to remain on top of every soul, every creation,
Your soul is my soul and my soul is yours,
I am back to see how similar our souls are,
I am back

Temporary it is, temporary it was,
Some run for money, some for fame, just understand, Mr. Brain rules them all,
But I am back,
To remind you, to teach you, to accept you as you are,
To tell you a simple fact that,
I am you and you are in me, one, two or many….

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