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Secret and hidden art

Dear Paulo & all,

Secret and hidden art
Giordano Bruno got punished for sharing ideas,
I am now self-publishing contents as internet is all about sharing ideas,

Stephen King was warrior struggling to live,
As I am learning to struggle like him

Shakespeare is unknown mystery,
He lives in my poetry,

Neruda was saddest in love, wrote saddest lines for all,
His soul is stuck in me when I feel sad for love

Paulo is great inspiration and humble soul,
He is promoting writers like me and many unknowns

Gandhi was believer of non-violence,
Still we are killing each other in silence

Einstein bought science of excellence,
Nobody still understands relativity’s mystery

Newton was confused with apple,
Why didn’t he eat instead?

Leonardo da vinci was inspired by me
I am writer but my books are sealed,

Artist we are all, some secret we all have,
Some make music, some make books,
Some make laws, some make rules,
Some make policies, some make clues,
some make burger, some take them as food

Creation is above creator,
Internet is new way to share ideas of all,

Every body has their own story to share,
I have my own which has become creative creation

God bless you all !

  1. June 8, 2009 at 1:29 am

    hey bro i like your last 2 lines its really great thanks for sharing your knowledge bro……………. joooooooooolife is life once it come so enjoy bro live life in sorrow than you know the taste of happiness its not for you but for the one who is saying it…………….

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