One World Goverment

I was watching the video today which can be seen here-

Suddenly, I started to think about these issues- How do you really find the peace? “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” -Jimi Hendrix

As the great artist said, when will we see the power of love overcoming the love of power? As your book, “Winner Stands alone” is based on love and the power or the celebrity power, when is this going to end? What can be the limit of power of love? Is there any limit for love?

I personally think love is beyond any limit and boundaries. Love is powerful than the entire universe, it is the deepest feelings which resides in human heart or body.

Maybe the answer is not suitable enough if we see other people, if we see the love of power, it can be seen that, every individual and every society are looking for power. Be it a country, be it a union or be it a group of individuals.

In the crisis situation like this- financial crisis, natural crisis of Airplane disaster where more than 270 people went missing, is this because of love of power or is this because of natural disaster.Mysteriously, Nobody knows the truth.

I personally believe, everything is inter-related. Humanity and Nature go hand in hand. Every decision that any individual does in the society affects another individual.

Nothing is going last forever and whatever being created is going to get destroyed at some point in the time. Only thing that remains is love.

The love of Nature to humanity, the love of individuals, the love human-human and the love of love itself.

We are moving with the force of sharing love to one another. But still as a writer and creator, it is our duty to tell the stories, to teach and learn at the same time, to share the big insights and power of truth with the people who are hungry for lessons, be it self-help, be it finding dreams, be it about negativity or almost anything.

One question which I would like to ask would be, maybe I already know the answer but-

Why do people like Ghandi, John lenon, Martin Luther King and alike has to be assassinated?

Maybe the reason would be many but there are some individuals who are controlling and monitoring each and every individuals behind closed curtains. Maybe there is some group of people who are active in creating wars for fun. Those group of people never come out in public and their vision is to make ‘One world Government’.

Anyways, let me stop here for now and hope to read your inspiration and words of wisdom through your books and work, Paulo !

God blesses you !


God bless you all !

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