Like a flowing river

Dear all,

Life is like flowing river and flowing times. One philosopher said, “I am flowing with this river and I don’t know where I will end, I know my source and my destination but I don’t know how I am going to flow like this river.” Another philosopher said, “You know the river but you forgot the time”

Without the right time on your side you are not going to make it, you are just flowing but you never know if you are going to be dry like a pond.

A] life is filled with pain and the river which flows are the tears streaming across to one destination.

B] May by the grace of God or May by the will of love, life moves like a flowing river and finds its true path and final destination.

C] Looking back will only be the memories and the path which the river followed will bring joy to every individual who will come near to the river. Again, there is time. Who knows if the river no longer exits, who know if the river was no longer continuing the same path, who knows if the river lost it in between.

D] Change and only change determines the existence of the flowing river with time. If river remains the same and if the river stops flowing nobody is going to flow with the same river.

E] Existence is not question but answer, life is like flowing river but with changing time even sometimes flowing river has to change its path, even sometimes it has to change direction, even sometimes it dries maybe it the vapor produced are happiness which last only for few moments. Most of the times, it has to flow and most of the time it has to slow.

Therefore, just follow your dreams and desires, move on like flowing river or move on with pain, life is all about taking risk and giving pleasure to all those who need. Everything else remains secondary.

God blesses you all !


God bless you all !

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