Celebrity Syndrome

In response to Paulo’s workshop on winner stands alone, here is what Mybheja has to say-

Dear Paulo,

Celebrity are public figures in our society. I don’t know why their is this difference between normal ordinary people and celebrity. Humans we all are and humans we all should be till our existence. I agree that some are genuine with talents of art, creation, science, movies, drama, and so on.

Many of those who are celebrity does not necessarily be skillful possess great talent, many of those who wanna be celebrity are highly skillful but they are not.

Every individual has some duty to perform on this earth. Some become writers like Paulo, Shakespeare, Neruda … and some become Celebrity like Johnny depp, Al Pacino, …some become artist Leonardo da vinci, … and they are known to normal ordinary human like us. The reflection of their great work divides ordinary VS extra-ordinary. Maybe this is why the world is changing. With so many great crazy peoples like these.

Everything is driven by path which is already written in your “hidden scripts”. The path unknown. We are walking a journey which is moved by mind and heart. Anyways, hardly anyone will disagree not to see him/her as an celebrity.The mass media penetration has great impact and role which has played for becoming anyone celebrity.

One wise man once said to me, “when you have little money you have little choices to make and when you have more, you will have more problems to face.”

Maybe he is true. Whatever any person do and become in life, the most important of all is “satisfaction”. What if he does not get it even after becoming a celebrity?

What if he is living not his life but a life of others? What if he never wanted to become a celebrity? But has to be a celebrity because his father/mother/… were previously one of them.

Although there would be difference between the public figures and celebrity. Greene says “You simply have to be present, in the right place at the right time.” Whereas “…public[ly famous] people were once defined as such based upon the fact their remarkable skills had brought them to the attention of the public,” (Source: Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celebrity)

Finally I would say, this is very open topic and maybe someday in future some one will make medicine to become a celebrity. It will say, Take two pills in morning and in evening and in one month you are going to become celebrity. Ha ha ha…(Joke)

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