Broken Dreams

In response to Paulo’s workshop on Broken Dreams, here is what Mybheja has to say-

Dear Paulo,

Broken Dreams is very good theme for your latest outstanding work.

Dreams are shattered or broken by the compromise but still people should believe in the dreams. Dreams is very complicated terminology and it has wide range of opinions and book about it. Similar to love, faith, hope and religion.

I have read Eleven minutes as per the resolution this year and the dream of Maria of exploring for an adventure, marrying a good lovable man and giving and getting love is shattered on many occasions.She has to make compromises with her dreams. But finally she was destined to live happy.

Broken is nothing, dreams can never be broken. Dream is far bigger vision of human mind which are hanging like stars in the night. The dream can vary and the dream could be different. Materialistic dreams like getting an degree, buying house, car, lottery, fame, job, … Spiritual and religious dreams like enlightenment, nirvana, excitement, happiness, …
and many more.

As far as my understanding for your book, “The Winner Stands alone”- broken dreams is a good theme and when the dream are broken then human are not longer controlled by power of soul, then the mind can rule over, then the changes can be seen.

For e.g. John lenon was famous personality. A great singer and great soul. Now, there was another guy who was nobody before he killed someone who was somebody. David Chapman.

So, Broken dreams is good theme for many work and I think writers can truly explore more from such theme.
Good luck !

God blesses you !


God bless you all !

Paulo Coelho Reply:
June 3rd, 2009 at 1:03 pm

Dear Santosh,
interesting this idea of when dreams are shattered, then the mind rules over the soul. I don’t totally agree with the view that this is the moment when things can be seen.
When one is actually living one’s dream – this is also visible to others.

Santosh Kalwar Reply:
June 3rd, 2009 at 2:25 pm

Dear Paulo,

Well yeah, things could not be seen in instant but maybe later. I also like one great idea that,

When you have a dream, universe and all other elements surrounding you will help you to achieve your dreams. e.g. “You”

God blesses you !


God bless you all !

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