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Quotes and Poems of the day

Dear all,

-”A word spoken can be taken back by apologies but duty performed for words spoken is hundred time better.”

-”Warrior knows the power of words spoken, he knows the secret behind the vows of his spoken words, he knows that if he will not give up his life for those words, they might someday echo him back.”

-”With the power of spoken words,
you can control the universe,
You can make the trees to dance,
you can do most of the things that nobody wants,
Just simply do it, life is few seconds for living
why not to take the chance? ”

-”Yes, yes and yes
commit everything or commit none,
Remember to speak and shun,
Your vows are mixture of lights, air and water,
Please put effort to do what you were asked for,
Welcome to Earth, and this is greatest mantras
to control the universe.”

-”Oneness is the true beauty for finding life of joy or happiness but majority among us think of finding truth, love and happiness in duality.”

God bless you all !

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