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Quotes of the day

Dear all,

-“Everybody has some duty to perform in this mother earth, nobody lives without any purpose.”

-“Yes, I understand life is adventurous journey and filled with painful, sad and sufferings but above all there will be bad times and good times, everything will come up eventually.”

-“One poor boy asked to wise man, ‘what is the purpose of my life?’, ‘Wise man replied, ‘World sees everything in duality principal, like where there is darkness, there will be light, when there is day, there will be night, when you will have pain, you will also get pleasure and so on and so forth but boy, the day you will find Oneness will be the day you will find your purpose of life.’ “

-“I know right from the beginning what is my personal legend because the creator enjoys the Crown that only King enjoys.”

-“Don’t try to find just who you are also try to learn who you are not.”

God bless you all !


Dear all,

-“The secret of life lies not in falling but failing, getting frustrated and being worthless to world in the fight, being useless in the war but all it takes is one fight, one final click to change the course of war.”

-“God created the world in Seven days, Seven minutes of pleasure in bed,
Seven has wide meaning in each scriptures,
Five letters in the word Seven so far,
Act of war is in believing beyond your abilities with persistence, courage & Strong heart.”

-“Deception is act of reception, winning or losing is fake in any mission or recession. Simplicity lies in thinking everybody is winner in his own creation.”

-“Truth and the Power of Truth lies in the eyes of truthful soul, they have great electromagnetic force which can send signal even in astral world, beyond our universe to any soul whenever, wherever you desire with truth and love in heart and soul.”

-“No one is born winner or loser, those are rules we follow, those who fake are faking for short period of time and those who do not fake are born with Truth.”

God bless you all !

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