Happy Like God

In response to article at Nytimes on title, “Happy Like God”, here is what Mybheja has to say-

Dear Professor Simon,

Nice article on Happiness, I appreciate your insights on one of the vital pills of humanity called “Happiness”. I don’t have any background knowledge on Philosophy neither do I have any university degree because I have lived my life with only curiosity.

Well, I don’t know what is happiness and I don’t want to know either. Maybe the happiness lies in the eyes of those who seek to find, maybe happiness is nothing than taboo term these days. I personally think happiness=satisfaction.

Or, Kalwar’s law for happiness is very simple, it states that-

“Every individual is born happy during the growth of human beings they learn new things and environment, adaptability remains the key depending upon the situation and circumstances, with changing time, with perceiving Oneness and changing climate, a person will remain happy if he/she will realize true self satisfaction in his/her mind, heart and soul.”

Now, it is up to each and every individual to understand the Kalwar law for happiness.

The key elements in the above quoted statments are-

Adaptability, soul, mind, satisfaction, change, heart, environment, happy, growth, human beings, truth, new, situation, learn …

Now, why did I put the tag in above line? It is because without these factors, majority of human beings will not be happy. This is not claim but a questions to one and all.

Most of the times we imagine true happiness lies only with God and no individual is truly happy as HIM but why not?

We live our life in such a way that we try to find the Happiness but why do you need to find the happiness when it lies just in your eyes. Either you are alone or with your partner, happiness not only lies in the faces or eyes of love but it also lies in your own soul. If you can find the roots of your soul and determine Oneness in each and everything that rolls, happiness is the one which you will get all along.

Here is one link which states the 7 steps for being happy-

Your statement,

“If anyone is happy, then one imagines that God is pretty happy, and to be happy is to be like God. “

states most the answer one would like to know for a individual to remain happy. But what if there is no “ifs and buts”, why don’t we just see simplicity of love or happiness like early morning sunrise or dawn.? Why don’t we take happiness just like Oneness ? Why do we relate happiness with surroundings or people around or play a blame game in normal day to day life?

There will be endless questions on happiness but happiness remains mysterious till date. Understand that happiness is not answer but the feeling inside your soul for self satisfaction.

God bless you all !

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