The Hidden Hunger

In response to Nytimes article on title, “The hidden hunger“, here is what Mybheja has to say-

Dear Mr. Kristof,

Let me first appreciate what you have written-
Well, Good column on “hidden hunger”.

Now, let me give opinion on this issue-

People are suffering everywhere be it in Guinea-Bissau, America or Europe. Personally I don’t think, The problem lies not in deficiency of iron in the food, the problem lies in storing paper money in the banks for nothing. Those who have more than one homes want to build more homes, those who have more than one car want to buy more cars, those who have collected billion dollars in revenues wants to collect more revenues so on and so forth. I don’t want to criticize all the rich people in the world, some of them have shown great respect and donated, worked for better place.,

As you state in your article, The deficiency of iron in the food is everywhere, yes-it seems to be true but what about the excess rate?

What will happen if you will eat iron rich food like red meat, fish, poultry, lentils, beans, leaf vegetables, tofu, chickpeas, black-eyed peas, etc.., in excess?

The hemoglobin from red meat has many side effects which has negative consequences and may increase colorectal cancer.

Although many people will suggest to change the diet plan from Non-veg to Veg.., it personally depends on individual choice and perception towards his own health. There will always be open debate on such issue.

Now coming to the poor nutrition or rich nutrition there is always a choice presented in front of us. These choices are based on first if the food is available or not, second if the food is full of iron and other minerals needed for body and third if the food satisfies out body needs or not.

I personally don’t know what Westerners or Easterners think and have conception or misconceptions on malnutrition. I will suggest, change your conception with changing moment as changing time and changing season or changing journey. Even the last statement sounds philosophical it is true. See for example, President Obama Campaign for Change…


Let us not get our hand dirty thinking if enough food is necessary or not or what is needed in the food like iron, calcium, sodium or potassium. First you need to have food in front of you to eat. Without the food, I don’t see if you will have malnutrition or lack of ingredients necessary to run the body.

As you have written in your last lines of the column,

“fortification costs virtually nothing…”

Let me ask you one more question-

If the fortification cost nothing then why are you not putting them in food? What is the reason behind not providing fortified food with rich in iron,…? Who is stopping?

Humans are adaptable beings. Without any food, claiming that lack of iron or… elements result into hidden hunger is not justified in this case.

Finally, let me conclude with the words of wise man, He said, “God gave bread and wine equally to each one of us, but how it worked inside us remained mysterious for all of us.” Now see- Some have satisfied body with great energy and health and some are dieing because of poverty and disease be it in south, north or east or west.

God bless you all !

  1. May 24, 2009 at 2:31 pm

    I didn’t have read the original script, to which you have replied, but I agree most of the things you have written are true. What I think is nothing in the world is been created without a reason, so enjoy every taste and don’t forget to thank to its creator, whatever the way you can. But be careful, “Eat to live, and don’t live to eat”. Abdul Waheed KalwarKarachi, Pakistan

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