Mass Rape Persists

In response to article at Nytimes on title, “After Wars, Mass Rapes Persist” here is what Mybheja has to say-

Dear Mr. Kristof,

Very nice column on mass rape persisting on Libya. Well done..,

Yes no one can ignore the violence especially after world war I, II the next war is about sexual violence, social violence, lack of inspirations because of mass depression and economy or recession.

Sexual enlightenment is good thing to have in life but with forced sexual act nobody is going to get such enlightenment. Pleasure and Pain go hand in hand. The stupid thinking that, ‘One an get pleasure if another is feeling pain.’ is results into Rape or forced sexual encounter.

Women participation in foreign affairs be it in United States or in any country should be highly encouraged. Presently I am living in Finland and I can see why this country has strict rules on social norms. It was uprise of wisdom for a Stranger like me, coming from developing world and observing women participation in most of the official works like Banks, Government offices, Postal office and even in military.

But again it highly depends of metric of cultural aspects too such as “male dominance” and “women dominance”. Maybe in case of Mass rape and violence of women rights, “women dominated” society is good.

Very Rarely we hear any news of Man being raped.

Whatever be the case, those with ill intentions will be judged by law or by God himself.

Lastly, Hope someday My daughter will wake up in society where less Mass rapes persists and all the daughters of Congo, Darfur, Bosnia, Rwanda, Liberia and many such places alike, will wake up too…

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