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Quotes of the day

Dear all,

-”Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
Yes, My Lord, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
Between insanity and vanity lies divinity.”

-”I bow in front of you everyday,
I respect your wisdom everyday,
People have started to judge me,
O Lord, am i insane?
am i evil?
what would i choose in crisis like this?
let me wake up beside you wisdom,
send me angel to guide all around world. ”

-I don’t know what is wisdom or what is inspirations, I know to play with words, I know how to create them, I know how to love them, I know how to inhale them and I know how to present them according to needs of readers, all along.”

-”Wise or fool, insanity or vanity, rose or rude, I am not moved till the world starts to move on my request dooba doo…hulaa luu…”

-”Division is bad, differences could be good, between wise and fools lies insanity and vanity to choose or loose.”

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God blesses you all !

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