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Quotes and Poems of the day

Dear all,

-“who is best and who is worst? Maybe no one,
What is best the light from sun or,
the water which runs down the valley or,
the movements of waves of oceans across the island of none,
fighter or warrior or human needs no plan,
to show, he knows his plans in his mind which works, all the time.”

-“Planning fails most of the times and alternatives work most of the times.”

-“Warrior is equal and he needs no plan to see sequel,
He can fight the battle in rituals,
In days of light or in dreams of darkness,
with an angel who send him signals,
in gloomy days or groovy nights with mutual demons,
Wake up, Warriors, wake up and go for it,
believe in your self, believe in you,
what matters most is protecting you from enemy which lies
within you, which obstructs your construction,
destroy it with your creation.., wake up warrior..
Oh Oh Oh…, :Yes,,, Yes…, I can see you…,
Wake up…, Yes Warrior…, Yes,,, Woke up…!!! “

-“Unexpected happenings, sufferings, events and actions and beyond human’s imaginations, remains mysterious and puzzle yet to solve by tiny little brain of human at delusion.”

-“Maybe there is no best or worst,
Let us assume, everybody is best,
Let us not create differences,
Although difficult to measure or suspect,
All is equal, equality lies above duality,
Finding oneness in every deeds and creativity,
World is One, everything should be One,
When there is oneness, I know, We will overcome
pain, sufferings, sadness and fights of violence
which remains pity, witty and shitty…., “

God bless you all !

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