Travelling Drama

“Travelling Drama”

Unexpected events, wake up to buy ticket,
I was thrilled to go home, after 2 years of holy stake,
It was me, and my dear friend, Mr. panthi
Who were, fooled by mysterious event of, journey?

Around midnight, we started to purchase ticket
Online, fucking and idiot internet business,
Panthi was using Window’s Vista,
Sucking keyboards and unknown, Vittu interface,

I paid the money for ticket,
Was just checking the ‘no reply’, automatic emails,
From online, ticket seller of Sweden,
Homosexual service of travelling set,

Mr. Panthi said, “Oh my god, I did great mistake”
Fuck, “what the hell are you talking”, I said.
Panthi slapped hand on his forehead,
Said, “Dates were exchanged and it was big mistake”

I could not believe it, remaining three friends,
Mr. Pokharel, Kandel and Shrestha were beeping,
Smoked cigarettes after cigarettes,
Panthi asked to change,
My wish of living longer for holidays

Fucked by Swedish travelling online retail set,
Send e-mail just after the so called mistake,
Waited and changed even mind now,
To live shorter for holidays,

Following day talked with great two angels,
Said my problems and wishes which were going to fail,
Just after angels and my conversations,
I was notified by travelling online retailers,
They are going to refund the money,

Unexpected fucking mistake was solved,
The problems were resolved,
Mr. Panthi and I were laughing at world,
All my friends or so called my disciples
Smiled with me and world was happy, all over
To read this great poem of travelling drama and fun

  1. May 19, 2009 at 12:46 am

    R u sure u got the money back if yes u must be luck person in most of the case they dont hahaha have safe journey my brother enjoy ur life

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