Lines of Sadness

Dear all,

-“Every moment is different, every situation is different and every action should be different.”

-“What has been done will never be done again but what we can dream or wish can be fulfilled with fairness in heart again and again.”

-“Mother earth changes her season, human nature is changed with different season but give me one reason why people should change love for either mother earth or human.”

-“Quotes, lines, text, words everything remains virtual,
Reality lies in pain and sufferings where no one remain sustainable,
Who’s life is not filled with sadness?,
Even God has to suffer in humanity and madness,
My words of wisdom are precious than universe,
All we need is love, please overcome fear
To harness beauty and long lasting peace,
Oh my dear humble soul, where should I rest in peace?”

-“What is summer and what is winter? Change in climate
Where is North and where is south? Position in globe
Where is East and Where is west? Position in globe
what you desire is your necessity? Isn’t it?
O poor child, wake up to this reality

Dreams of hungry child in Africa,
Death due to starvation in developing countries,
In developed, desires remain still unfulfilled,
When will you wake up to this reality?

Human, unsatisfied, unhappy soul,
remains till in physical clothe,
When I die today, will it make any difference to world?
Poor child, you need to wake up to this reality,
But I know you remain, mysterious all alone”

God bless you all !

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