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Poor boy and Wise man

Dear all,

Enter Poor boy and Wise man, in “life changing park”

Act I, Scene I

Poor boy: Who am I?
Wise man: You are nobody.
Poor boy: What? My name is Steve and I live in Dallas, I have my family and everything, why are you saying that I am nobody?
Wise man: You know your name, which is given by somebody but you have not understood yourself, therefore you are nobody.
Poor boy: How can I understand myself?
Wise man: People in the world are doing good business over this question, they are teaching meditation, yogas and many techniques to self understand yourself… but I will not say anything to you.
Poor boy: why not, sir?
Wise man: You are born with desires,
Your name is in fire, only way to understand
Is to monitor your daily habit,
Control your life with will to share, care
Hurt no one and beg for well beings,
Do it yourself, nobody will see in you

Meditation, yoga, programs are act of fools
Who can tell you to know better you?
O poor child and humble soul, Love yourself,
Stand alone and become winner of your crown,
World is mixture of shining and falling clowns,
Read your mind with utmost curiosity and desires

Poor boy: Well, I don’t still understand what you are trying to say but I hope it makes some sense..,
Wise man: This is the first step to understand yourself.
Being nobody is being somebody and in being somebody
you are not alone. The universe if your heavenly father
and earth is your mom.
Poor boy: Thank you, I will now onwards learn to understand myself.
Wise man: Say no thank you, my child.
Say no sorry, life is like of Mary,
In pain and In sorrows of ferry,
Creator was one and you are your own,
Even this world was created in confusion;

Hope, Faith and Love drives humanity,
Sufferings and Pain results into vanity,
Infinite wisdom is beauty and customization
I am nobody till I live fleshy and bloody


God bless you all !

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