Face of love

In response to Paulo’s question on his blog, here is what mybheja has to say-

Dear Paulo,

Q)can we never discover the face of love?

A) No, we will never discover the face of love. There are many reasons behind it and those reasons does not allow to show the face of love. Some of the reasons are-

1. Those who are in love or rather true love and wants to be together throughout life forever have to trust each other than universe has trusted on earth, stars has trusted on gravity, moon has trusted on light of sun and mother earth has trusted on lights.

2. In Christianity, women was evolved from limb of a man. In Hinduism, women existed together with men and similarly in other scriptures or religion.., women existed together with men. I don’t know what is on women’s mind but I surely know what drives her on darkest of nights. Love.

3. Laws made by humans are another barrier, war between the families and especially those who are caretakers sometimes turned into too much care takers. e.g. Romeo and Juliet of Shakespeare …

There could be many more such barriers but let me stop here now with few additional quotes.

-“Love has no faces and searching for humanly faces will not give love.”

-“We humans see physical body and organ to get the feelings and tie nots or bots of marriage, togetherness and life long commitment when love is above such attachments.”

-“Please don’t search to see the faces of love they lies in your reflection.”

-“When love ignites, problem multiples and difficulty collides.”

-“Love is above everything: religion, race, culture, country and life.”

Now, it is up to us to decide, if you want to be “happy and satisfied” without seeing the face of love or remain in “despair and sufferings” by seeing the face of love. The choice is yours, as always !

God bless you all !

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