Far from over

In response to article at Nytimes on title, “Far from Over“,here is what my bheja has to say–

Dear Mr.Bob,

Thank you very much for the stats and analysis of Job market.

It is depressing to read that people do not have jobs even with four or five years after college or university degree. It is true. In my own personal case, I have been struggling to get one after completing 18 years of schooling.

With job comes the security and without job there is crisis.

I am fortunate that I am not in United States to feel the heat but even though I am in Europe, same story continues everywhere.

Being stranger in Europe, I have come to the conclusion that- The whole economy in world is going through some kind of transformation phase. One wise man once asked the lord, “Why do I fail?” Lord said, “I give you failure as I give you success so that you will better understand life.”

God bless you all !

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