Girls on our streets

In response to article on Nytime on title, “Girls on Our Streets“, here is what Mybheja has to say-

Dear Mr. Kristof,

With all due respect, you article is very informative and at the same time detailed information has been provided about teenagers on the streets.

Google hit of the keyword ‘sex’ will result into 718,000,000 links in 0.09 seconds. By this fact only, we can clearly understand what is the basic necessity of humans. This falls under Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This is still OK but it become NOT OK when desires, passion, love and romance exceed into violence. When it starts to cross the boundaries of humanity and goes above natural law, then basic need become basic seed of pain, frustration, crime, violence, non-social acts and deeds.

I am no expert on women violence or crime but I have seen and heard the story of my close friends who has gone through the same situation and experiences. Yes, even to read such articles brings sadness in the tears and frustration of inhuman act.

Back in 80’s, One wise man said-“Money can’t buy everything.” Today in 21st, One young child said-“Money can buy everything.”

The same philosophy applies in today’s context, if you have money you can even buy sex as you have mentioned of the 14 year teenagers and pimp.

I am not aware if on the streets of America you can find 14 year teenagers being the victim of prostitution and sex work. and, I have never seen it so I will not give any comment regarding such scenarios.

But I would say, in general the world is populated with stupid and violent mindset when it comes to sex. There are many such cases in developing world as you have mentioned India, Nepal, Thailand among others. I know the developed world also has the same problems.

Women are same either they are in developing world or they are from developed world. The crime is same and the violence is same.

The problem is not the solution and the solution remains very problematic.

I can give more harsh comment on this issue. It is important for all men in the world to understand following-

1. Before doing any such crime of sex or prostitution act think of the pain being women.
2. What would you do when your own children are involved in such case ?
3. Stop it please, for god’s shake.

Taking religion into account, many religion experts would give different opinions on ‘how to get enlightened?’ The core message of being enlightened is to overcome ‘maya’ or ‘inner desires’.

I don’t ask anyone to suppress personal desire, I am asking to limit inhuman act on women. But even if I will do research on women entire my life, I will not be able to find out ‘what’s on women’s mind?’ Therefore,

Lastly, I would stop saying the quote from unknown author which states, “When a man talks dirty to a woman, it’s sexual harassment. When a woman talks dirty to a man, it’s $3.95 a minute.”

God bless you all !

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