Collective Worship

In response to the Paulo’s question on “Collective Worship“, here is what mybheja has to say-

Dear all,

Have you noticed that you are putting your own words and one of the blogger in this blog, ‘karen’ is ill ???

Come on fellas, pray for her–She is sick as she has written, look on the top of the comment section with her post.

May God bless ‘Karen’ !
May she overcome her illness…

I don’t know what is collective worship, I don’t care about other’s fucking opinion and I don’t give a damn on any books on worship, all are nonsense and stupid ideologies. I care to those who are close to me and I care to those who are in need of me, I care to those who knows me. I am worried about their’s problem and I am depressed if they are depressed, I am happy if they are happy because that is only thing which is important to me.

(If you will put the above statement line by line, it will become poem, if you will put those sentences in paragraphs that will become short article/opinion/thoughts… and if those words will be written or said by prophets or gurus then it becomes scriptures.)

To: Karen for her wellness…
Come on human being, wake up
I made you, you didn’t made me
I don’t ask you to pray me
I never did, Instead
You did and still doing it,

Wake up and rise to rising sun,
pray for other like you,
I am happy if you will help others,
around you, for you, with you,
dance in the occasion
rest in the sensation
worship for humanity
you will get instantly

God bless you all !

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