Falling wage

In response to article published in Nytimes on title, “Falling Wage Syndrome” by PAUL KRUGMAN, here is what Mybheja has to say-


With all due respect, your article is very interesting and nicely informative.

Yes people are suffering because of wages cut and high competition on the job market is one reason behind such decline. There is always a chance of expecting the unexpected when it comes to present job crisis. As you said, “saving” is the best option which normally people are looking at.

At this current downturn of not and bots, What matters most is protecting what matters. Be it a Job or Health (Swine Flue..,)

Being Stranger, I cannot argue if America is going to become like Japan in case of wages decline but I think America is truly a great nation which always can come back to its originality. I personally like America since you have shown us how to “build” and “create”.

You have very optimistic and confidence president, with proper advisers and proper plans, I hope the decline in wages will not flatter the entire economy.

Personally I think that, mostly this decline is because of “outsourcing”, the more you send your work outside of your country especially in developed countries like India etc., in cheaper wages, the less your people will be recruited.

The companies always look for lower wages workers and higher sales. Because of such strategy, the work is being transmitted to cheaper workers in developing world.

Although, a lot research and brilliant thoughts could be put on this issue. I would like to stop by quoting Martin Luther King, “All progress is precarious, and the solution of one problem brings us face to face with another problem. “

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