Dear all,

What is eye? Is it a physical organ? Or,
Just a biological one of the senses,
Can we assocociate eyes with
source of light, knowledge and lessons
Or, Should we think eyes for passion?

Great Paulo asked, “what do you associate with eyes?”
Should I associate with pain? Or,
Should I associate with material gain?
Is it a perception?
Is it the mirror of reflection?

Even minds capture images through eyes,
Someone even said, “beauty lies in eyes of beholder”,
What is this eye?
Oh dear God, Oh my humble Soul
Can you let me know,
If eyes is beauty,
Should I associate with hasty?

A human Life without eyes,
Cannot see the beauty of world,
Miracles of universe,
Passionate love,neither
Pleasure to lust

What should I associate with eyes?
I am poor, humble soul
God is me and I am HIM,
Should dear eye, I associate
Should you dissociate?

My poor poem is full of question,
I am curious to find answer,
Maybe you are answer to humans,
Through your sense,
You give us perception

Love, lust, passion, devotion
All is because of you,
All is love and all is you,
Alas, I remain observer in reflection


God bless you all !

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