Princess and Poor Priest Son

I saw a dream today, as everybody sees some dreams my dream was very romantic and very sad at the same time. The dream was about a love affair of princess with a poor priest child. There was a princess and her mother, the princess was going to get married and the princess mother invited priest to see the proper man for her daughter’s wedding. The princess, princess mother, priest and poor priest son was in one room checking for man for the wedding. Princess saw few man and she rejected them. After a short while, princess said to her mother, “mama, I like the priest son, he is the one who will make be happy, I know.., please mama, can I marry him?” princess mother was not happy with such response. She said, “no, the poor priest guy cannot get married with you, I would never allow this to happen…” princess was very sad and she started fighting with her mother but her mother never agreed for her proposal.

The poor guy saw in the eyes of princess and through their eyes the electrical signal of love passed on to their hearts, they both started communicating and felt that they will not be together… poor priest child was sad too…

Poor priest child said,

Oh sweet, beautiful princess
Love is the great sin,
Although, our heart is same,
World will never feel the pain
I was made for you, but
World insane will divide for material gain

Tears in heaven, useless as it remains
This bloody earth,
Is not for lovers in rain

She is your mother will you leave her?
For this poor priest son,
I cannot promise anything,
But I can promise,
Togetherness, trust, and love ever and ever again
Please don’t worry,
For happiness and satisfaction
Was born only with them

Tears in heaven, useless as it remains
This bloody earth,
Is not for lovers in rain

The dream was over and the new day started, the day where there were no vital pills for humanity such as love, hope and faith. The priest son hanged himself and died, because he thought world is full of material gain, nothing exits only money which remains and world is dividing for pleasure to gain.

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