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Quotes of the day

Dear all,

-”Forget yourself to understand better self.”

-”Not everything is permanent, not even universe, material gains and spiritual path, everything is temporary be its your own existence or eternity.”

-”To know me, you know better, what is me?”

-”We may end up becoming something that we do not want but in becoming something which you never wanted, you will later not regret of becoming that.”

-”I don’t want to become anybody and anything. I don’t want to become because to become human is the greatest gift of all.”

-”Those who have even little to give will never be empty of giving. and those who have more to give and does not give will always be feeling pity, later in the end.”

-”Everything is below love and every thing is love.”

-”We are moving with the cosmic love or ‘maya’, those who can self control ‘maya’ will overcome magic powers within.”

-”In the moments of pleasure and growth, we hardly fall and pray to supreme cosmic energy, it is sad that humans never understood that he lives in all of them, individually”.

-”Very few will enlighten the supreme cosmic energy of self, those who will, can heal and those who will not will need help, instead.”

God bless you all !

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