Q&A: What is Fear ?

Dear all,

Q)What is fear?

A)Fear is lack of our own understanding with our own self. The most fear humans have is for death. Sometimes we are fearful of love, sometimes of life and sometimes of work. Our life has become full of fear because we have never understood our own life. Most of the times we think about sex and work and least we think about our own body and life.
How many times in a day you look yourself carefully in the mirror and try to understand yourself?

This is little different in women’s than in men’s. In Women, they are born naturally with such power where they can more easily understand fear better than men.

Fear is because of lack of own knowledge and understanding of one’s life.

Fear is also because we don’t know who to surrender yourself. Those who know how to surrender will have least fear and those who will try to avoid surrender will be more affected because of fear.

It is your own decision what to choose and what not to choose.

God bless you all !

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