Dear all,

Q)Just having finished reading Brida, I find myself touched and compelled to ask you this question. I believe I have been blessed and am living a life driven by the Tradition of the Sun, but what is the best way for me to rekindle the flame and its power in time of doubt and weakness?

A)Surrender yourself.

There is no best way or worst way, there is only one way which is the way of love, surrender, peace, sharing and giving.

Having said that, In the time of doubt and weakness there is one simple medicine : Smile without conflict.


-”I am not healer because I was born human but if you will wish to take only pain and sufferings of yours and more importantly others, you will end up becoming prophets and saints just like Jesus, Mohammad, Krishna among others.”

Give me your pain, to this poor child. I will give you my wish to heal even in darkest of the days !

God blesses you all !


God bless you all !

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