Q&A with Santosh Kalwar

In response to question asked by reader, Saakshi at Paulo’s blog, hereunder is the Q&A with legendary Person.

Dear all,

Q)Are coincidences in our life are a part of our destiny and if everything is written as we say ‘maktub’, then what is the point in following our dreams?

A)There is no coincidences, there will never be coincidence. Whatever happens has the purpose and the lessons behind them. Those who know how to grab those golden lessons will foster and move on. Those who will not learn their lessons will never learn. These people will think throughout their life and ask, “what is life?”, “what is dream?”, …. It does not mean that, you should not ask bigger question like this but instead of asking with others, ask yourself, with your own self. I bet you will get the answers.

Now, having said that, there is no point to prove and there is no point to make. Life is a simple journey which goes on and on. It will stop when you will be tired enough. It will run, when you want to run. It will reset, when you want to reset. Throughout this journey, learn, share and give for those who are in need. That is important. What you have is never enough and will never be enough, what you will give, you will then have enough.

I don’t know what is maktub, let me search– Ah, Ok ;

“what is written on one’s forehead, would someday be seen as his destiny”

This is what I got when I searched the Internet…, Well, this is boring description about a single human life. Some Scriptures says the same thing but let me describe you in my way-

I have always said to humans,

-“It is you, who is the creator of your sufferings, nobody else.”

-“Hidden Scripts is the term which means the script written by you, before your existence or arrival on this mother earth.”

Now how? and when? is another question. (If you are interested, I will explain them later)

-“Every action in your life has lessons, you just need to have truthful eyes to see them more clearly.”

-“I don’t know what you believe and what you don’t, but I believe in me, my visions, my dreams, my love and my destiny because all these believes which I have in me, are for me and I know the final destination.”

(I don’t want you to recommend to Say the last quote every morning and every night before you go to sleep and then one day, you will wake up understanding the meanings of your dreams, destiny and life.)

God bless you all !

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