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Questions and Answers

Dear all,

Q) What is love?

A) Love is you, love is nothing but the reflection or shadow of your own. Love is not this or that but love lies in simplicity, beauty, truth and trust. Those who want to find out what love is should know how to love yourself, and learn to give without any guilt or grief, or pain or without any motivation.

Love is mother, love is father and love is in finding and remembering the day your conscience was awakened. e.g. when you were small very small and try remembering the first day when you went school or when you were in your home or when your mother said something or …

Love is knowing your day of awakening till date, love is your eyes and in each and every part of your body. Love is with you all the time and love will last ever.

Of course we see physical love such as mother love, father love, husband love, lover’s love but those are just one percent of love out of hundred percent. love is beyond all those physical society’s love. those are love but not pure form of love.

We live in society where when we say, “I love you” the other person will start to think, she/he really loves me and start the relationship or our proposal starts with such statement but how do you validate such statement.? (I can see some eyebrows raises here..)

Anyways, I must stop here but will answer if you want to know more about love.

God bless you all !

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