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Reolution 2009: My First Novel

Dear all,

As per my resolution this year, I am about to complete my first novel. The novel is about the romantic love story, fiction. The book is semi-autobiography of my own life. Now, the difficult part comes to write query letter and send it to editors and publishers. I will try to do that from now onwards. I hope some publishing company would accept it later by the end of this year. Well, I am quite skeptical about it. (This is most difficult phase trying to convince editors and well-known publishers that your manuscript is good enough for them to make money.)

Anyways, the manuscript that I have written is about hundred pages, single spaced written in word format. It is almost complete but as many writers would agree, the most important part of any book is the ending. I have to come up with ending for the story of my book something which should be heart touching for that soon. I know, I will finish it soon.

I hope that this fiction novel will be the first book published by traditional publisher. There are aleady four books self published by me, Nature God(2008), Human behavior on the Internet (2009), A Very First book of Poems: Heartbreak (2009) and …109 Quotes, 07 Poems and a song of despair(2009)… If you would be interested to read them you can easily buy them from Amazon.com or Lulu.com. Here are the links-

1. Nature God (2008)
2. Human behavior on the Internet (2009)
3. A Very First book of Poems: Heartbreak (2009)
4…109 Quotes, 07 Poems and a song of despair(2009)…

I do not want to self publish this book yet and I will try to send it to traditional publisher as far as I can. Let us hope for the best and Let us see !

Thank you all


God bless you !

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