Question and Answer

Dear all,

Q)How does someone know that you are doing what you are meant to be doing in this life?

A)This is very good question, Clelia ! If you would know what you meant to be doing then don’t you think your life would be boring to live? What if you know about your tomorrow’s schedule today? What if you know that tomorrow you are going to meet your husband or wife or your life partner near the garden in the rain and you don’t have umbrella. The guy whom you met will have umbrella and he will cover you with his umbrella. What would you do then? Will it be exciting enough, if you know it. (I think it will not be)

Therefore, it is good that you don’t know them ahead. All your events and all that is going to happen in your life is unknown and it should always be unknown. Now having said that, you want to know whatever you are doing is right or wrong, isn’t it?

By asking this question you already are on right track. Don’t be afraid, whatever you are doing is always right and whatever you want to do will be too. It is you who have decided to choose the path and it should be you who knows yourself better than anybody else. Therefore, when you can wake up each and every morning, then you can walk each and every step, even though you are skeptical and fearful of taking or making them. Just move on and don’t regret your past or your decisions, don’t blame anyone and be truthful. Life will find its way, on its own.

There is also religious description which I can give which is quite different than any of the scriptures ever written but I must stop here.

Please let me know if you need further explanations and if you feel any thing confusing.

God bless you all !

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