What is love?

In response to Paulo’s blog on title, “Trying to control soul“, here is what Mybheja has to say-

Dear Paulo,

I am sorry, I forgot to read the title, “Trying to control the soul.”

-Nobody should control the soul and those who will control will never get true love.

-Yes I agree,….

-Below is the poem created instantly by poorest author in entire universe but richest author in his true human soul.

What is Love?
love has no diffences and
love is pure and unconditional.
love is the beauty in early morning sunrise,
love is sacrifise at the same time prayer,

love is love and more you love, love
love, you will find true love,
love has no gain and love has no pain,
love has no culture and love will always remain

More I can give in love, happier I become
Oh dear love, so charmismatic and beauty
Any words ever sworn
Love is healer, love is magic
All I have to say now, love will never find tragic

Love is in me, love is in you
love can change, change in itself
Love has no opinions
Neither it has age

Love is love
I am love, you are love
I and Me, belong to love of “WE”
Your love belongs to me,
My love belongs to you..

I am poor every time I fail in love
Richer every time, you make me rise in love
Love is love
All we need is love
Love is in simplicity, love is in smile
Love is in music, no religion it divides

Love is in giving, love is in taking
Love is love
All we need is love
Love can embrass, love can depress
Love can bring hope,
To all the races

Love is love
All we need is love


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