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Today’s Poem, Tomorrow’s golden art

In response to article at Nytimes with title, “Recession Anxiety Seeps Into Everyday Lives“.

Here is what Mybheja has to say-


Yes I know.., I have been suffering too …

Hope this Virus of Anxiety and Depression will spread to all the humanity afterwards, we will be same.

Today’s Poem, Tomorrow’s golden art
As we are loosing Humanity
Time will tell, when we will regain Orginality
Simplicty, Beauty and … are just words
With life at risk, diseases to curse

No jobs, No plans, No money
Mr. President talks only,
It would not fill up our tummy
Anyways, He is not suffering as We all are
Life has become more painful

Yes we can, was his slogan
Yes we can, change…
See everywhere there is change
Change in human body (Anxiety, Depression)
Change in world economy (Cuts, Recession)
Change in Presidency (African, American)
Change in Climate (Italy, Global Warming)

Why are you being blind?
Since times have “changed”
No jobs, No money, No security
Isn’t this change, Oh dear honey!
Change in life and death (Sucides at rise)
Yes we can…

This poem speaks of sorrow
Why should you care?
What do you say, Mr. President?

Writer’s life morrows
Unemployment is giving headache
I have taken pain as my food
& Tears as my drink, till tommorrow…
Yes, we can
What is left to change now?
I know you said, “I am listening”
Good for your ears but
how would it sustain humanity?
Big talks, big plans “for long term”
Ha Ha Ha…

Wholy Holy…Oh dear Holy..
When I will die young, soon with anxiety and pain,
When would your those big plans and talks
Make any difference,, When?


The comment was not accepted by Nytimes Editor… (How can some one accept the reality?….)

God bless you all !

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