Questions and Answers

In response to Question asked by Reader: Rosa at Paulo’s blog, here is what mybheja has to say-

Q)Does living have any finality? Do I truly have a mission? Or is my passage in this world a matter of chance?

A)Yes, it does have finality. Yes, you truly belive in your mission.

Nothing is matter of chance and there are never coincidences. Whatever we may assume as chace or coincidences were our own “decisions” based on the course of life.

We are born and we start to learn slowly, then we know our homes, our family, our relatives. We start to know that we have a name and everybody around us also have names, our knowledge then increases by visiting school, churches or temples. We see problems in daily lives, we choose a path or dream or our career. The path which we choose never happens by chances because in all those path, we are the ones who are responsible for our decisions, no body else. So, embrace it, protect it and live every day with full of joy and happiness.

I heard that, Jesus said, “I will take all of your sins and I am going to suffer for you all…” Let us assume for a moment that, he was Lying.., Nobody even God will not take a single human suffering because God is also suffering like each one of us.

(If you want more detail, then post comments here I will explain more.)

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