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Obama to push immigration bill despite risk

In response to article published at Nytimes, on title– “Obama to Push Immigration Bill Despite the Risks”. Here is what My bheja has to say-

Dear Ms. Preston,

Good for those who are suffering and has been declared illegal immigrants. Bad for those who are suffering and are legal immigrants.

Let me explain this phenomenon by a simple example-

Mr. A is good guy, he is higly educated and he has a dream. His dream is an American dream. A dream to visit United States of America and work in America. He does not want to hate, blame, do any wrongdoings to American people or the land of oppotunity. He is selfish as all normal human beings are, today. He could not visit United states since he belong to different part of world. He tried to for the firs time in his life to cross the borders, illegally. Now he has been succesfull. He promised with himself, he will never do any illegal activities in his own life time, now onwards.

After five or ten years of struggle in America, he is still an illegal immigrant. He knows that he will not get legal status and he again thinks of getting the benefits all those American gets from the goverment. But, there are no rules for this game to change…

Until oneday, a new guy comes in the goverment and his vision and motives are only, “Change..” He talks about great words of wisdom, he inspires all the fellow Americans and motivates them to bring new HOPE and new Opportunities for all of them.. (those who are legal immigrants and those who are illegal)

But the road ahead is difficult, there are lot of crisis in America, presently (Economic crisis, Job cuts, …)

Mr. A is stranger and he has only 1% of Hope that one day, he and his children will become a “legal” citizen of America. One day, he will wake up and feel proud that the path he choose to leave his own country and visit the “land of opportunity” has become TRUE.

Despite differences, despite loads of struggle..,

A human being either in Third world,.. or First world.., is just a human being.

Together with any other human being, We need to shake hands and solve greater problems of the world.

If I was Mr. President, I would have given Legal status to all those who are helping America to remain Number 1 country in the World.

But again, If I was a legal immigrant of America, I will be scared. I will have to fight and perform better than Mr. A, I would have to be “best” among the rest of human being.

Finally, I would suggest all those fellow Americans who does not want such illegal immigrants to be legal to think from the point of view of those who want to become “legal immigrant” and also to think “what difference will it make to them?”

Let us see, if Mr. A dreams becomes reality, what else he can do except to have a faith in new the rays of Hope to see sunlight..

God bless you all !

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