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Humanity even for animals

In response to article posted at Nytimes about, “Humanity Even for Nonhumans“, here is what My bheja has to say-

Dear Mr. Kristof,

Good article, atleast I can see that “a human is thinking about an animal.”

Life is life either it is in animal or human beings. If you will ask me then I believe that there is life in Objects too, (please do not think I am mad..)

I do not want to elaborate “How objects around us have life?” theory now… But let me say-

We have been discussing a lot in the world, either it is Europe or America about Animal rights.., it is good start. (to reach on my theory of Object rights later…,)

Animal being has a life and when they are feeling sad, when they are getting depleted around most of the jungles and when they are cured properly there will be lack of balance in Nature.

Most of the human beings are non-vegetarians and I have different opinion on either you have to become vegetarians or non-vegetarians. (Leave them to human being personal interest.)

Most of the times, I have heard news on print and media that, Human beings should go non-veg, which is rather funny and disgusting. Come on when you are sometimes, thinking too much on animal rights, you will then forget human rights too.

So, for animal rights save them.., protect them and take care of them.., educate in the developing world of having less babies and atleast adopt one animal in their homes.

I am human and I know what I feel but imagine yourself being an animal. Let us imagine that I am dog, now if I am dog than would I like to with human being? I have my own society, so called society of dogs.., I have my own community of dogs and how would i feel when i have swing my tails all the time to ask for food.

Have you ever thought like that? Before talking about animal rights think of being an animal first.

Yes, I have my feelings because I am dog now but I would love to be with my family, my dog society. Let us not imagine, I am pigeon, a bird. Many of human being like them, they want to keep them in their house but have your ever felt how it would to be, yourself a pigeon.

All those “great writers and great politicians” who talk about Animal rights has to first “think” carefully of being “an animal” and then raise awarness “for their rights”.

Everything in excess is bad. Please show your sympathy to animals which will bring balance in Nature and climate. Please show your respect to Mr. Dog or Mr. Pigeon or Mr. Lion since it will also show you the respect by providing balance in Nature.

Anyways, I must stop now- I am not getting paid for all these brilliant ideas as you are, by Nytimes.

God bless you all !

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