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Where on earth is Osama bin laden?

This is very hot topic and very interesting for all those secret agents. Everybody in the world is searching an answer for one question, where on earth is Osama bin laden? I do not know how much the name of this man has made impact in the world. I know you will not listen to me and why should you listen to me? “I know where he is but I will not tell.” Said Mr. A now where you hear such remark from Mr. A then we start to judge the various clouds of elements behind Mr. A, we will ask about his religion, about his culture, country, background, his education and almost everything until and unless we will he will have to come up and say that, “He is near Afghanistan and Pakistan border the place is called Chitral.”

Still, people will doubt him and will not believe him. How can a man be in mountains hidden for more than eight years now? Come on guys, don’t be stupid said one of the friend when we were gossiping about finding Mr. Bin laden. “The mission is not impossible since we are young generation of guys who will do whatever it takes to eradicate extremisms or terrorism from the globe.” Said Mr. B. Now, with so much of talks going on around the world to find out Mr. laden, why the results have been ZERO (0)?

What if we ask ourselves that, there is no person like Mr. laden, it is the fake identity presented to world. The world has seen him through images, news media and listen him through radios but will you believe if we just for a moment will accept on stating that, “Mr. laden is not the real identity.”

Now, again- you will start to doubt and human mind is never satisfied with such a general thinking. Mr. C asked then, “if Mr. laden is fake identity then who is real Mr. Laden”.
“Good question” replied Mr. S.K. and further continued saying,
“See, the world is very small and the people could be made very easily fool and stupid, just deliver your message with fake picture and voice but without revealing your own true identity, Simple.”
Mr. C was more confused and again, asked-
What do you mean by that? Can you elaborate more, please!

“When Jesus said, “I speak the truth and … I am going to take sins of all my people…” Was he really speaking the truth then?” what is the method to validate the “TRUTH”?” replied back Mr. S.K with question to Mr. C

Mr. C did not know the answer and said simply, “I do not know”.

“I predicted your answer before you were going to say, ‘I do not know.’, the world of politics is run by the same approach, where the politicians predict public concerns before they will make any public announcements.” replied Mr. S.K.

“Wow, Sounds very interesting…” said, Mr. C

“Yes, I know.., there are speculations that Mr. Laden is in Chitral, which is border region near Afghanistan and Pakistan. There is also speculation that he is near some place in Pakistan.

How stupid humans have become, and I really feel pity for them….” Was what Mr. S.K answered but he was not clear in his tone of stating the answer. He wanted to reveal and say to the world that he knows the exact location of Mr. laden existence but he stopped. Finally he said,
Come on guys, stop being fooled by our leaders.., stop being fooled by news media and newspaper since their industry and country runs by selling papers. Just use your common sense and see the bigger picture.., you will get an answer suitable to your heart..,
Finally, if you will not be able to find Mr. laden, come to me and I will let you know the “TOP-SECRET FILE”

All the members in the group discussion session clapped Mr. S.K. speech and his story of how he found Mr. Osama bin Laden.

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