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When do you need to break the rules?

Dear all,

Q)When do you need to break the rules ?

A)We need to break the rules whenever, wherever and by whatever means and medium. No rule is the best rule but at the same time with rules, we are controlled and monitor or are governed into specific path. Whatever be, most of the problems nowadays, are just because the creators of the rules are destroyers. How can you trust someone who has no ability to take control of his own actions? How can you trust those institutions which are build up with the pillars of unjustice, wrong doings and proper policies.
In summary,

-Do what you feel good, and no rule is the best rule.
-Based on individual differences, there will be differences thoughts and idealogies which should be tracked down if followed the common rules of the game.
-To trust on some rules, we need to trust those who are creators of the rule above law.
-Well, if you believe in God, Nature and Religion then you must follow their rules but if you are the creator yourself, you are bound to disobey those rules.
-Sort and simple, follow your heart and listen to your inner voice, everything you do is for good and happens for good. MOVE ON…

God bless you all !

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