Re: Mother Nature’s Dow

In response to the article at Nytimes, here is what Mr. Mybheja, has to say-

Dear Mr.Friedman,

Mother nature or Nature itself is very unpredictable and it will always be. Please do expect the unexpected in case of Nature.

There could be many different view points on the issue of Mother Nature such as religiously, scientifically and …, Therefore let me explain first religiously,

The time has come when the world bigger problems are no more among humans but with the outer universe. Mother Nature or Nature as I would like to call her, she is getting all her attention now. She wants the attention of humand minds and human living souls. (Why?) A baby answer to the question in bracket would be- “Change.”

Well, I can see that you might be laughing on the answer but Please do not laugh. Everything around the world is in the verge of change.

1. Economic Crisis/Global depression on rise
2. Extremism/Terrorist are everywhere, NOW.

When people and country wants to prove their point on these two issues, maybe Nature wants to prove her point on us.

Now, Let me explain scientifically,

I am laughing now and I will laugh to eternity, I cannot believe Mr. A because he was a small child of about of 7 years old, then he predicted with his childish mind and drew a picture where he stated, “Mama, world is filled with 3/4 of water, Maybe oneday 3/4 of water will win and there would be no human lives on earth.”

Today, Mr. A prediction is on the rise. Well, Mr. A is not sad neither he is happy but nobody listen to him, not even his Mother how can world would have ever thought about it. All the scientist around the world would give clear explanation about (why?) the temperature is on rise and what should be ommitted before the “total change.”

Well, You can always disagree with me and why should you belive or trust on writer’s ability. Those who read, will ask my instituion, degree and experience- which are meanigless but I would like to “thank-you” to them, and those who find it interesting will appreciate as always.”thank-you” to you too.

But above all, Remember-Nothing is permanent and everything that has been created will be destroyed either it is religion or it is humanity or it is a life on this planet earth. (please don’t be afraid, since it will take some time…,)

Rise, rise and on the rise..,
When would we focus our attention
To her(Mother Nature),with extreme love
Passion and devotion

Time is changing, world is changing
Religion, politics and power are changing
Oh lord, when would there be complete peace?
Get all attention on her
love her, protect her and share

Mankind is on stake,humanity is fake
World is change and change is on me
I would suggest, yesterday there was war
Today, there is war within me
Tomorrow, there would be no war after me.

Let me stop from the words of John lenon,

“You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one”

God bless you all !

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