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Do you believe in Prayers?

As I said, I will get back on this issue,

Here is what I think … Now wait,

This is so funny, why on earth my opinions would ever count ? Why should anyone care ?

Many of us from top to bottom have given similar answers, I was just browsing all your responses. (Please do not get mad on me.)

“I believe….


“I do not believe…

This is so funny, what is your believe and not believe has got to do with that entity which even does not exits in real form?

You pray, you shout and you cry all of these are normal human sufferings. Most of the times you pray simply because you are not happy or you want something in your life or may be you have developed a habit of praying for good. But again,

Why are you following the tradition of forefathers? What it has got to do with trust of God or no God?

We live in world where everything is temporary, there is nothing immortal. Even the existence of the place where we are living is bound to get destroyed oneday. (Do not get afraid)

Let me give you one simple example,

Mr. A is very bad man and he has decided to kill Mr.B for some reason. Mr. A has put gun in the head of Mr. B and he is soon going to shoot him. Mr. B is very religious man and he started praying. Now, do you think some ‘religious energy’ will avoid the incident not to happen?

What is the final result of this event?

Does your prayer helped?

The result was Mr. B was shot and he is no more in this world.

Either you pray or not pray, it does not matter. Only thing that matters is your devotion and dedication to something in life and with nature.

Please do not get mad, I am not for or against the Praying.

Well, I must stop now. Maybe I have to quit my day today.

For those who like praying,

Happy praying and God blesses you !

For those who do not like praying,
________________________(Fill in the blank)

Believe in what you are believing (& God blesses you too…)

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