I will be born in 2039

Welcome, Dear Readers- Please do not get surprised, with the title of this column. I am no God, neither Spiritual Guru, nor Religious teacher or saint. I am just like you, Human being.

I am not born but wait a moment-do not get to the conclusion. You might be wondering, if this person is not born who wrote this column? What is that he is trying to prove? Well, there is nothing that author wants to prove or claim. It is just a simple joke.

Today, looking at the Nations situation- I think I will be born in 2039. Now this is not the entire story, with doom of Economy (Global, National or Regional) there is no point in living a life of jeopardy. We have seen the country ruled by Kings (Razas and Maharazas), We also have seen so called “Democracy” and currently, “Federal Democratic System” and “…” in near future. There is no change in creation of Jobs, Security, Electricity, Economy and Transportation to name few. I do not blame our beloved Prime Ministers neither I blame all the top-executive Politicians; I blame myself; because I know I will be born in 2039.

Yesterday, I heard the news where, a young man who was just seventeen years old kills reportedly fifteen and then himself at a school in Germany. A friend of his told police today, that he was bullied by class mates, teachers for many years. When he wanted to speak to them (Teachers, friends, parents) no one listened to him. Personally, I feel what my friend Paul from Austria feels- The young Gunman was innocent simply because, no body listed to his anguish. The tragedy could have been avoidable if there was the presence of love in his life.

Children of today are treated like valueless and useless beings. The world depends on them and the future of the entire world is dependent on how we treat them today. This is a sad story and this is just the beginning- I think. As we can see everybody is busy in their own personal life and nobody wants to LISTEN to anybody, simply because we all have point to make and grow within the society. Then a quote popped into my tiny little brain which states, “Love is integral part in human life, without the sense of its presence no human wants to live life in despair.”

Let me get back to your questions, one very good friend of mine named Teemu, from Finland asked, “Santosh-when were you born in your country?” This is a good question, I thought- and before making my statement open, I visualized that- “We are in 2065, even ending it soon”. Then, I replied him back with the smile on my face stating-“I will be born in 2039.”

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