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O Lord !

Dear all,

O Lord !
O lord, O mightly God !
I am begger and blind
Shall I see ever, my daughter dine?

O Lord, I am protitute and a mother
When would I be free,
Should I ask from Brothel or Vine?

O lord, I am Student without degree
I hate exams, lectures and lessons
Will I ever get support of such a shine?

O lord, Are you listening !
My Prayers full of wishes for her
Will I feel love forever
That I would share with my bright side

O lord, Please give me this or that
Let the world be stable and Peace
Harmony, non-violence and dreamer’s
Those should brighten, all light !

O Lord, I pray two time, three times
I know you hear me, most of the times

O Lord, Whoever you are
Whatever people call you
I beg you to show sunlight !

O lord, I beg you to listen
Old beggar, needs his eyes
Student, needs to re-invent
Prostitute needs acceptance, freedom
Listen to them, Dear Lord !

I am the giver as you are
I am the care taker as you are
O lord, Give me nothing
Instead take my everything

Givem them all, they need!
O lord you are so beautiful
Crystal and Bright

World needs your wisdom,
World is hungry for your givings
You have plenty to share
O lord, O thee, Amen !


God bless you all !

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