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Anonymity on the Internet

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Dear all,

After doing my own self marketing for the book, I am back to give my insights on this issue.

Good question especially for Researchers on the field of the Internet. (They are still working on this issue…, Sorry for the delay and Please Wait…)

Being Anonymous has many setbacks together with upbrining your either brightside or darkside or whatever you may want to call it…

Every individual is unique. See for example the faces, character and behaviors. We are different in religion, caste, creed and these attributes but we should not forget we are branches of the same common tree called, “Human beings”.

Naming is done for identifiation either you like it or not. Liking is based on personal experience and attributes of the person.

When some of us might disagree that, We are having darker side of our own self, some might see the darker side as bright side too.

As God is unknown so is “somebody” who resides in all of us.

It is true that one should stand up and show their true identity and must hold accountable of their deeds, it is also true that some people do not want such identity to come out.

Can we answer where is God? Or, Who is God and what was his name? We can say for example Jesus is Our only God or Allah is Only our God or … but why don’t God himself has a real name?

God is God and Humans are Humans, He is inside all of us and we are inside him too.

In general, we need to identify people because that identifation will give values to his ideas, insights, critics and he/she is accontable for their deeds. (They must be accontable)

Fear is one issue but this is not the real issue.

Let me give one scenarios,

There are three people let us suppose: A, B and C

They all committed a sin such as killing Mr. P.

How do you identify who is the culprit? Should we say, All of the three were culprits or criminals when they all do not speak the TRUTH.

Therefore, Those who dare to speak the truth always should accept the truth. Those who do not dare to speak the TRUTH are scared to accept it.

Being Anonymous also is based on Experiences that we encounter in our lives. (While I was reading Paulo Coelho Blog Readers or Comments above) Some of us has said,

-I am business personel
-I hate to disclose my true identity simply because I might be contacted or communicated and so on…

Therefore, those who do not want to disclose their true identiy, it is OK but for those who do wrongdoings hiding behind the walls they are not doing good.

-You are first not being true to yourself
-You do not want to accept what others has to say
-You value your own judgement and do not care
-You had very bad experience

And So on…

A single human life is worth living with true identity attached to it.

Remember, The concept of dualism always resides in all of us. We feel sometime good and the very next time we might feel bad. We are just humans nothing else. We do our work, we enjoy what we do and sometimes we hate what we do not like to share, care, show or fear.

Techonlogically speaking,

There is one drawback in User Registration which we use in the Internet. The main drawback is we have got loads of updates in Operating System but where are the updates in User Registration System. We are using the same traditional system of Registration.

Username: …….
Passoword: …….

With this System, We cannot identify who the person really is and what are his motives or opinion. Here is one million dollar idea-

-Develop such a system where User will not be aware of his/own registration.
-You can track the identity of the User but User is unaware of his/her entrance on any Content Management Systems.

But Wait a Minute, (Well, I see some of you are looking me with strange eyes)

-There is some privacy issues here we need to deal with.
-When we talk about the personal privacy this new system might not work then.

We have in us two sides. Let us say for now,
-Bright side (Good side, God side, Hero side, ..)
-Dark side (Bad side, Devil side, Villian side, Pirate side,…)

To raise either of these sides are our own duty. We may raise our brigt side being truthful, accountable and transparent. Or, We may raise our dark side being untruthful, irresponsible, and non-transparent.

Did you realize one open question in the above paragraph?
-What is our duty?

I am human, I want to raise either my bright side or dark side. This is my responsibility nobody’s else.

When you will raise you bright side, you will end up being brighter but when you will raise your dark side, you might end up being less at shight.

Therefore, My dear humans Please try to understand the words of wisedom.

We always hate when our father, fore-father and gradfather tell us to do this, or that simply because we think they do not think what we are currently thinking. But that is not the truth, the truth is they have passed their entire lives being what we are at this current time.

You can always disagree with me, I accept. I will kneel down and bow my head and will say you sorry if I did something wrong. Because, deeper inside me, I see the power of “Truth”.

There should be “Freedom of Speech and Expression” given to all of us because that is our birthrights. Still in some countries it is not visible.

Technologically, there are some programs which could be used to track the user’s identity.
Here are few links to it-

There are some services, which can also be used for anonymizing services such as I2P or Tor for tweaking the IP address of the User but it can also be found out easily.

Remember, you cannot get away by doing the wrongdoings.

There is also a good side to it,

For example when Scientist review the research paper they send the for peer review where the author of paper is not disclosed. Those peer reviewers are also not disclosed.

Sometimes being identified could result into death and sometimes being identified could result into fate.

It always depend on the way we think.

There were plenty of ideas still in my head and I must stop it writing here for free… (Just Kidding)

Now, I think I should do more research on this issue and once I finalize and come to the conclusion of how we can reduce Anonymity I will get back to you.

You can agree or disagree it does not make any difference to what I think simply because, I accept whatever comes in my life. (Good or Bad)


“By 20, you should be smart; by 30, you should be strong; by 40 you should be rich and by 50, you will become wise.”

Good day !

God bless you all ! 🙂

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