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Do not read this book- 3

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He opens the book; the first page of the book is with the title, “Do not read this book”. He is little scared and skeptical about the entire thing which is going on around him. He thinks, “Why on earth somebody has written such a title?” Must be some crazy Author, the more I approach this piece of literature the something is bound to happen and it is very scary at times. Why should not I read this book? This is just a collection of papers and words, how can these words change what is going on around my life. There were many questions coming out of Ted’s brain and He felt too scary to find the answers to all of them at once.
He started to turn on some of the pages, he reaches to the place where there is preface and it reads,
“Life is like a book starts with title similar to your personal names, begins to give you pleasure with each and every different chapters, and finally ends with lesson learned, leaving you in loneliness again…”
What does this mean? Is it means that, the book will leave me alone after I finish reading the book, or is it means that I will be dead too? He thinks, well, I understand that my name is Ted and the book name is “Do not …” but it also says that it will give me pleasure of reading as it gives pleasure of living a life. I will learn the lessons, what kind of lesson does the author means? I am confused and should I really turn on the pages or should I just stop it now. Then the very next line reads,

“Once you have started to read the book, you cannot stop it or you cannot close the book if you will close the book you are going to die immediately….”

Oh, Jesus! What is this now? My life is based on this tiny little book on the table; if I close it I will be dead. What should I do? Should I take the risk of closing the book? This is the worst day of my life maybe that is why I don’t like Monday’s. I hate Monday among all the days in the weeks. Oh God! Save me now! Ted is thinking and his tiny little brains are making thousand queries within himself.
Ted continues reading the rest part of the preface,
“This is the story of the man and his entire life. It will start with the life of the man and by the end of the chapters the man is going to die. He is alive at the moment you are reading the book, he is alone and he has nobody around him. Assume me as your friend and guidance for taking you to the other end, in first chapter of the book there is a story about the man and his wife. His early childhood in poor village of Nepal, the place where he was born and how he was treated among his friends. This chapter is important for the reader like you to understand poverty, racism and caste or cultural barriers which are hindrance for personal developments in human life. Second chapter will deal with his study in India. The life of the young man which completely transformed into hippie, a life full of joy and excitement, a life full of drama and melodrama, a life full of beauties and sex, a life with friends and foes, a life with desires and passion, a life with marijuana and drugs. The third chapter will deal with his life in Finland, where he educates himself and helps those around him. A life of complete enlightenment, a life where he is transformed into a Man, a life where he understand that in life a person is born alone and goes alone, a life where he believes in doing and nothing else. Fourth chapter will deal with his life in connection with your own life, how your life is related to his life and even if it is not related how you can relate it to his life. Even if you do not want to relate your own life with his life, what would be interesting lessons that you can learn from his own personal life, how can you transform his thoughts into your own and make your life better. Fifth chapter will deal with jobs and his struggle to live in Finland, how he struggles every single step to sustain his life and gets what he desires. This chapter is important because this chapter is somewhat related with the title of the book too, why you should not have started the journey of reading this book but once you have started you must finish it because your life is based on this book, NOW. Sixth Chapter is mainly focusing on cultural differences around the developing world and developed world, together with religious differences. There are many religions in the world and what the main character of the book, thinks on religion how his own ideas are different than entire religion we have ever learned. Last and final chapter of the book is Seventh Chapter. This Chapter is very important and essential for you to understand your own life and to survive death. If you read this chapter and understand the literature behind this chapter you might just escape death but you never know till you reach the final chapter of the book. Call it a preface or the structure of the book, it is up to you and your definitions, I do not care as long as you are going to stay with me for a while.
Before you start to read I want to make you clear some of the points-
1. Before you start to read each and every sentence, think what that sentence means and how could this relate in your life too.
2. You may find lot of grammatical mistakes and lack of editorial help in this book, but it does not matter as long as you understand the whole picture.
3. The book will lead you to death even if you decide not to read it. But, wait a moment- there is 1% chance that you may survive after you finish the final chapter of the book, which is chapter seven.
4. Life is pain so is love so will be your death, try to understand what I mean, if you are not scared you can always close down the book and start thinking on doing something else but remember, I am here to help you not to kill you. Since you have started to read the book you are bound to finish it otherwise you might end up in painful death.
5. Follow the above 1-4 guidelines carefully. Otherwise I am sorry, I cannot help.
6. There are three different Men in this book from three different places, Nepal, India and Finland. The book will try to present you three different culture and background even though both Nepal and India are South East Asia; they are two different nations and are different. Finland lies on North where there is more suicide rate than birth rate. Therefore, be careful you might feel so depressed that, before even finish the book you might commit suicide for yourself.
7. This is the last guideline which says- be aware of your own life. You have your own personal problems so do everybody around you. If you are near to other person, look at his eyes and try to understand what he is doing, or what she is doing, or if you are with your pet, try to understand what your pet wants now stop. Google search for keywords such as “jobs” or “love” or “sex” will give you more hits than beyond your imagination so, just calm down and take a deep breath. You might lose it the very next second and you might live best moment of your life the very next second by reading these text. Now let the journey being-

Ted has a headache now, what is this all about? Oh Jesus, why me? These seven point strict rules are so difficult to understand and what should I do with these rules? Anyways, I am going to die after I finish reading these non-sense texts. I do not remember if it does have any meaning and significance in my own life. I am confused and in total dismay thinks ted.

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