How to tear down walls?

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Dear Readers,

With curiosity and passion of reading your ideas and opinion, I, one among you all would like also to give some words to this question, "How to tear down walls?".

May be, My explanation will not give any insights or great ideas- Please excuse me for this.

Let us get started then-

Tearing down a wall or breaking wall or breaking boundaries are simple stuffs to do. These are physical entity created by us and could easily be destroyed by us.

Many of us around here are discussing on the issue related to tearing down the walls within your self such as greed, race, religion, sex and so on.

How can we even think this could be successful? Well, those elements which are inside us are never going to change and those which are outside us are already broken.

We live by opinion and ideas, with our own philosophy of life. All those elements such as love, race, religion, life and culture etc. These are all part of every individual. These elements are different and we have our own personal "definitions" based on our personal "experiences".

When we try to listen other people’s opinion and their definitions about these factors we tend to disagree and to some we agree.

Those who can lie can gain popularity easily. I do not know if there is something which called "believe". As said by Oscar Wilde, "Experience are mistakes", are we really gaining experience of are we just committing the mistakes?

A civilized society is formed when every individual in that society are bound to obey the rules and regulation which is for the benefit of their own society.

How much civilized society we have in this world? And, why do we think we are civilized? We might think that we are civilized society since we have power of intellectuals, full of resources and big fat rules which strictly has to be followed.

I feel pity for such society. The best rule in the world is No rule.
Once you start to follow the rules and regulation of your society you are bound to have "differences". When you have self differences within yourself, how can you have civilized society?

There are many examples and theories which are piled up in the dust of some libraries around the world. Those theories and books are food for rats and insects. At least some form of animals can sustain their lives with those rotten theories.

We are living by Scriptures, opinions and demoralizing elements which are root cause of our own self destruction. When will our tiny brain realize that, "We are all equal".

Difference is religion and culture has become mirror illusion. There is nothing popping up without the knowledge of others around us.

How can you break the barrier of relationships? We still are fighting for it, don’t we? My first wife, second wife and so on…

Self differences inside us creates self destruction. We are destroying our destiny by creating the difference all around us. WE have walls of communism, race, relationships, religion and many those factors where our understanding is very limited.

Wake up people, please wake up….

Live the way you want to live but try to listen what others have to say too. You can always disagree but try to find what is the alternative of disagreement.

A week ago, I was watching a movie based on Jesus Christ and his life. I do not know how many times he has said, "I tell you the truth…"

When a person says, "I tell you the truth…" Is he really telling the truth?

Well, that is another point of discussion and let me not open it here. But, let me go back to the same question of how to tear down the walls?

Physically, Very simple-
1. Hire some machines which can be operated by human.
2. Use the machine to tear down walls.
3. Remove the walls
4. Now, you are successful. Good luck.

Mentally, Very Very Simple-
1. Accept everything which comes in your life.
2. Be truthful not to others but to yourself.
3. Life a life full of simplicity, the beauty will blossom along the way.
4. Respect, Obey, Follow, Give, Share, Encourage, Motivate and Smile to yourself and those around you.
5. Be like a child.
6. No human should claim he is God or (he is son of God as done by Jesus), or I am God itself. (Allah, Krishna, Buddha …) Let us call them "Pure humans". A human with no self motives.
7. Live one day and die the same day. (How?) Do not care about yesterday and do not over think on tomorrow because you are not living in past or future, you are living now. (As I am writing this comment, I have started my day. After the sunsets and darkness prevails, I am going to end my day. I am going to die, Please do not worry because hopefully, I will be awake again tomorrow But again, hope is not with me it is for your satisfaction. I only hope to live only one day.)

Let me put it in a loop now.

Could any one of us follow 1-7 steps?


If your answer is Yes, then you are in Human civilization group.
If your answer is No, then ask yourself why not?

The Human civilization group is the world of "no difference". A world of complete peace and no walls. Where there is people and all those live are god. A pure humans existence.
(I am sorry, I have to wake up from this dream)

Alright now, I have to stop typing because I think these seven point steps will clarify what the writer ones to say.

Sorry I am still working on those seven points. Therefore, Let me put my greed attribute here-

-Author of the self published book "Nature God" and "Human behavior on the Internet".

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