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Do not read this book- 2

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Ted went to the office, there was emergency meeting called by President of the board. He was little scared about the meeting. In his mind, there was fear. Are they going to lay off the people? Today only in the news I was hearing that, in china, more than thousands of workers lose their jobs. Why are they calling this emergency meeting now?
Ted entered the room, Presentation from the president of the company started. “Today, during this third quarter our revenues have dwindled, we are in verge of bankruptcy. I am afraid the board has decided to lay off the people, we are increasing our market in India and we will reduce the numbers here by 50%….”
Ted guessed it correctly, he is angry now. “What the fuck? Big shit to these low wages workers in developing world, they are all going to take our jobs.”
Depressed and Sad, Ted comes out of the office and directly goes to the bar ask the waiter for a glass of Martini, while he was drinking martini he meets another guy beside him.
Hello Sir! Are you depressed? Did your girl friend left you? Or, do you have problems with your Boss?
Grinned the man beside him, he was also enjoying his Martini.
One thing that is common between two of us, we are drinking the same and we are here at the same time.
Cheers! Says the man.
Ted says, Cheers too.
Drunk in the sorrow and fear of losing the job, ted returns to the home. Switches on the lights of the room, finds no one there in his room.
Girls always take lot of time for shopping, I must admit it now.
Ted lies in the Sofa, clicks on the Television and starts watching the news.
Television correspondent speaks, “Welcome to CNBC news, today’s top story….”
Door bell rings, here comes my princess says Ted.
Ted opens up the door; he is surprised to see Police officer.
Are you Mr. Ted?
Yes says, Ted.
You need to come with us, Sir.
Why? What’s going on Officer?
Well, I am sorry to say but we found a dead body near shopping arcade.
Ted visits the hospital, Oh Jesus!,
Monday sucks in my life, says Ted. WE are still identifying the case; it seems that she was murdered. I am sorry Mr. Ted, says Mr. Police Officer.
Ted feels sadder and is very depressed.
Ted suddenly realizes about his kids, he asks Police Officer to make a phone call.
Hello Mrs. Harry, this is Ted. I called you to know about my kids. Are they safe?
What do you mean safe, Mr. Ted?
Of course, they are always safe with Mrs. Harry.
Thanks God!
Can I talk with them?
Yes, of course-Just hold on a minute.
Mary, O Mary … Shouts Mrs. Harry
Peter, O Peter.. Shouts Mrs. Harry
Where are these kids?
A caretaker comes close to Mrs. Harry and says, Mary and Peter left with Uncle Sam. A guy who was claiming to be Mary’s and Peter’s Uncle he took them home. He says, he needs them for the Anniversary they were having tonight.
OK said Mrs. Harry
Are you there Mr. Ted?
Yes, says Ted.
Well Mary and Peter left with Uncle Sam.
What? Who is Uncle Sam? Questions Ted.
Well, I don’t know. A caretaker said they both were taken by Uncle Sam.
Ted is shocked and immediately reports it to the Police officer.
The Officer says, please do not worry Mr. Ted We will try our best to find out.
What the fuck? Are you talking officer, I am in verge of losing my job, my wife is murdered and now I do not have my kids? Are you trying to say that you are doing your job after all these incidents today, what kind of job are you doing officer, it sucks!
Phone rings…
Ted here… I am here too Sir Ted.
Who is this? Asks Ted
Who could it be? If you want your kids, bring all what you have got. Not less than one million dollars. We will meet in Freak Street by tomorrow 7pm sharp.
And, I know you are in Police Department.
I will be glad if you will keep this matter to yourself.
Or else, I do not have to say- What will happen to your kids.
Bye Sir Ted.
Ted looks confused and shaky; Officer asks whose phone was it? Ted replies some friend asking for wedding anniversary. I am sorry Ted says, officer.
Ted returns to his room. Switches on the lights and switches on the TV, He knows Entire night, Ted could not sleep. He is waiting for 7pm tomorrow. He is thinking and suddenly,
In his room, near the table
There is a big fat book where the title of the book says, “Do not read this book”.
He is surprised, somebody, break in this room.
Who might be?
Is he trying to play some kind of game?
I will kill this guy.
What is this book all about now?
Ted is scared even to touch the book. On top of the book there is red rose. He thinks what this is? What does red rose signifies?
Ted starts to touch the red rose; he puts away the red rose from the book and touches the book.
A light goes off…
What? Oh no…
Just as I touched this book, something happened. A title reads, “Do not read this book”. What is this all about? Is there a ghost? Why such miracles are happening? Let me burn a candle. He burns a candle and puts them on table just beside the book.
Should I touch it? Thinks Ted.
Ted dares to touch the book.
Lights come automatically. What is this happening all around? He is confused and frightened. Suddenly there is wind blowing and doors are hitting hard. There is sound of storms coming…
Ted closes the doors and windows. He touches the book again and takes out his fingers immediately. Nothing happened this time…

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