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Bad story

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(This is not predicament, the story present here is work of fiction)

On a gloomy day, with snow and white color all around, I feel lonely and alone. There is darkness and even in principals there is light, I see light without sunlight. I am alone and I am lonely now. There are long standing roads which I think will take me nowhere.

Everything is matter of time, and time changes everything. Where did I go wrong? Was it because I was not close to her? There are unanswered questions and worries to ponder and wonder my tiny brain.

People talk about “love” and I feel there is no existence of love. When you are lonely; you feel as if you should check out or rest in peace forever. What is the sole purpose of life? Everything around the world is controlled by Object around us but most importantly it is the “women”. She is the one who takes control of everything around us.

It is because of Women existence, Earth is alive and living. It is because of women who has decorated this whole world. Shiva was involved with a girl. A beautiful girl in her mid twenties. She was amazing, she has beautiful long hair and joyful smile.

A phone rang in her new mobile, “What?, really”

“Oh no”

Phone went dead. Sheela collapsed. Her husband took Sheela to the hospital. After couple of days, she was alright and normal again.

What could have happend? There was a reason to satisfy Sheela’s husband soul. Doctor replied she got some kind of medical “attack”. She is very weak, you should take care of her Sir.

Two Years ago,

In the city of temples and busy streets shiva was on his bike, riding very fast. He was caught by the police and taken to prison. Reason: For drinking and driving. Shiva was hippie and always lived his own life in his own terms. There were no rules that he wanted to follow, there were no routes which he have not travelled. Sex, Drinks and beautiful conversation was what he was indulged into.

In a summer, Shiva met with Sheela near a frieds house. Sheela was beautiful and she was busy though, in her own work. After couple of meetings and visit to Sheela’s place, She seemed to be interested in Shiva. They started to see more often. Slowly and steady, regular visit turned into intimate relationship, the intimate relationship turned into “marriage”.

Today, after two years-

Sheela is just taken out of her hospital and she is with her new husband. The news she heard in a phone was from Shiva’s friend who said, “Shiva committed suicide”.

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