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Do not read this book- I

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Ted was watching CNBC news; he is middle aged man in his late thirty. Father of two, beautiful wife Helena and is working in multinational mobile operator company in California. He is happy that today, is his pay day. He has sort out some things on his mind which he wants to buy for his upcoming wedding anniversary.

Ram is black and very talkative guy in his middle of twenty, young and very handsome. Working in top three IT company in the India’s Technological hub, city was called Bangalore now it is called Bengaluru. He is little skeptical about the change in the name of the city. He has beautiful girl friend and he is today, planning to take his girl friend Savita to best restaurant on town. He is happy that today he is going to get bonus from his Boss.

Antti is scholar, very intellectual with PhD in Mathematics, works in one of the global company in world, called NOKIA. The company’s headquarter is in Espoo, Finland. He is very dedicated in his project and he lives alone. He has a vision and motives to take his project and publish his project for entire global market. He is happy today, because he met a girl named Johanna in the S-Market, they had a good conversation and they wanted to meet again in the same place tomorrow at the same time.

Helena says, “Honey, can you cash in some extra money today”. Ted asks, why? I need to pay for Diamond rings which I have ordered for our Wedding anniversary. What? You ordered diamond ring! How can you do this honey, I was planning to purchase a new sports Car. Well, Honey please do not get angry I hope you will not mind this. Ted did not say anything and just said OK. I do not want you to buy and collect diamonds; you already have so much of diamond collection. Alright this is the final one. Helena thanked Ted.

Near S-Market in Espoo, Johanna was putting the empty bottles in the machine or recycling the empty bottles. She has little headache, she does not remember about her last night. A guy was waiting in the queue to put the empty bottles for recycling. Johanna said, “Today the climate is very good, look the sun is shining and sky is so open and blue”. A guy turned his head and look up in the sky. He agrees with Johanna and nods his head. Johanna goes to buy some food and gets shocked. She says, “Vittu, how can I be so stupid”. She looks here and there; she saws the same guy waiting for his turn to do the payments near the cash counter. She goes and asks with him, “Do you have 10 Euros?” The guy did not speak anything and takes out “10 Euros from his wallet” and gives it to Johanna. She is smiling now; she goes back to cash counter and pays the bills. While she is leaving from the S-Market, she says, “Kittos” to good looking scholar guy. They agree to meet on the same place at the same time next day.

Savita is typical traditional south Indian girl. She is shy but modern, she meets her class mate Jogesh, who is very good looking and they plan to go for the movie. Savita disagrees and says, she has meeting with Ram. Jogesh insists her to go for the movie and she cannot say NO. Jogesh is her very intimate and best friend. They are very close to each other. This is the first time Savita is going to watch a movie with Jogesh; they have never gone out before.

“What a disgusting movie, Jogesh. Why did you bought me to watch such a movie. It is similar to watching a porno, Na.”

I will not come to see the movie with you, again. Savita is angry, whatever she was thinking about Jogesh before has changed suddenly. Jogesh behavior was not good and it showed up when he took Savita to watch such a bad movie.

Well, I am sorry Savita. I thought you will like this movie. This is Class A, super movie. Said Jogesh.

It was already 11:45pm, street were lonely and dark. There was hardly anyone in the streets, Few Dogs were barking and besides that there was nothing.
Anyways, let me take you to home. Savita says, NO.

It is so dark and I am afraid if something will happen to you Savita says Jogesh.
In Jogesh bike, which he has recently purchased “Pulsar” was the name written and he is very proud of his bike. He takes Savita in the backseat and accelerates his bike with full swing.

What happened now? Asks Savita.
I do not know. May be I run out of fuel.
What? Oh no! Mom will kill me, says Savita.

Ram is very depressed and anxious he is trying to call Savita, the network is not reachable. He is thinking where she is and why she is not reachable.

Savita I am sorry but we need to walk. OK, Whatever. Says Savita.

They are walking in dark, Savita heard four or five guys shouting in the streets and dancing. They seem to be drunk.

Savita says, Jogesh I am afraid of those guys. Can’t we take another way? No, Savita do not worry. I am with you.

Four guys saw Savita and Jogesh, they started to tease them. Jogesh was hit by one guy who was carrying a empty bottle in his head. Jogesh is hurt and he gets faint.
Savita starts to shout and says, NO.

Next morning, Savita was in hospital bed. She does not remember anything. She has lost her memory and she is badly hurt.

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  1. February 6, 2009 at 11:21 am

    Sorry, I don’t understand the point you’re trying to make.

  2. February 6, 2009 at 11:35 am

    It is the beginning of the story..I hope, you will understand the point in later versions…SK

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