Saving the Planet

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Now let me give my opinion on this issue–

Humans and Nature are integral entity which is important to both. Why and how I will explain soon.

There is still lack of proper research on who was the “first human” and who created them. There are evidences from the “relgious texts” and many religious text depending upon the religion a person follows vary.

Well do not make your own conclusion at this very point. Wait a moment,

Now as asked by Paulo, How can we save the planet?

Many of us will agree that, we live on the planet called Earth. We need to save the elements present on this planet called Earth.

Think of this as following metaphor-
“Imagine a Vessel with full of water, Is Vessal or that jar or box which contains water is important or is water important?”

Who is the one who decides if water is important or Jar? We humans, think we are important. The “Water” but think if Jar or Vessal does not exits then, where would you then put “water”?


Think again …

OK, Now your Brain has given up, We can reach to this conclusion that, Both the Water and Vessal is important. Why? Because without the Vessal there is no water and without Water the importance of value of Jar or Vessal is “0″ or Null or void.

Let us suppose, I am the Creator of the Vessal and the Water. If I am the Creator then I will think both are important to me. I will keep water as well as vessal or jar.

But as the “water” is getting dirty, because of other elements such as pollution or something then what will I do then?

I will try to clean the water and put the next water in the Vessal. This is what I will do.

Because, I have to give the vessal of water to my friends and they are thirsty, they want to drink a pure water.

The same process is what is going on in Today’s world. We are making the water impure, we are in the crisis (Economy, War, Terrorism, Rape, Murder, Suicide, Bombings, Killings, Religion, Politics, Land and Poverty) to name few.

Please do not agree with me, Please.

But since I am the creator atleast I can assume. If at this very moment, I will say that, “I am the messenger of the God”. Every body will laugh at me and say, “You are the idiot and stupid.”

What if, from the bottom of my heart ask me to write- “I am God”.

It does not mean, I can perform miracles as we all expect God to do but that part of my body which says that I am God is invisible.

I think not only me, all of us are God.

We do not have to pray our religious text and religious books to find the God, Please disagree with me and stop reading. But, I will not stop to say that, “We all are God”.

Or, To make things little easier,

Assume We all are God and now our moral, social, religious, enviromental and whatever responsibilites are-

“To protect water and the jar” which means to protect us and mother earth or planet as said by Paulo.


1. Be truthful.
It does not mean, you should be truthful to your partner or in your job. Be truthful to yourself. Listen to your “inner voice” which will guide you to the other side. No body should teach you to be truthful but yourself. Be honest and truthful. Becuase once you start being truthful, all of objects around you will be attracted towards you. Believe me. You will be in different world all together.

2. Smile
To whom?, Smile at yourself. Many of us do not like our own body, our own physical look and we hate ourselves, how can you love others if you do not know to love yourself? To love yourself, you have to smile at yourself too. Not only when you are feeling good but also when you are feeling sad, nostalgic and depressed. Can you do it? Well, this is one God saying to another God. And we all are God so believe me you will understand what smile means.

Now you know how to be truthful, and to smile at yourself. What will happen when all the objects around you trust you, because you just decided that you are truthful to yourself. They will start to smile at you too. Which means, object around you are smiling at you. You cannot see them, you will not feel them but you will get power to attract them very easily. Let us now jump to number 3.

3. Help
Happiness comes with help, goes with pleasure of being helped. Save a penny, save not for yourself but take out that penny and give it to the person who is singing near railway station, who is begging by performing some art, who is begging to you and asking for help. Look into the eyes of those who need them, give it to them. Giving is what we writers do, giving is what Gods do and still do not forget the main theme-”We are all God”. Do not think, please that you cannot give, think how should you give.

Writers give opinion, ideas, books, Philoshoper gives philosphy, Musician gives music, Poet gives poem, Medical Doctor give health checkup, Nature gives care, protection, environment, different climate and seasons. Everything around us, either Nature of humans we are givers and takers.

Therefore, Now we have learned three basic things which can save our plant.

-Being truthful, Smiling and Helping.

Now some of you will ask how can being truthful, smiling and helping will help the entire planet?

(Scientific explantion)
It is simple, as our metaphor of “water and vessal”, water is composed of molecules which are atoms and these atoms are single in the entity. Which could be interpreted with one single human living on this planet. When water becomes dirty of impure then it implies it is not entire community of atoms which are dirty but some of the atoms which are influenced by neighbouring atoms.

Solution: Just try to remove those atoms or give the advice to “change themselves”.

(Other perspectives)

Now, As explained in Scientific way- A general ways is that, WE are the collection of people or individuals living on this planet. Some are good and some are bad, many are changing ourselves and when majority of things increase, evolution of “something different” starts or begins.

Till now, if you have not understood what I wanted to say then contact me personally or write me email.

Remember, you are the creators and it is your responsibility to save the “water with vessal or vessal with water”

Good day!

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