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Unpredictable Women

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Oh, NO! What? How can this happen? -Said Ted. Did she run away? Why did this do to me? Where did she go? Come on! Now Please do not start this crap again said Shiva. She was so beautiful and she said so many times that she loves me; you know we were in relationship for last seven years. Suddenly she started to change her habits, she stopped calling me. She was silent from last Sunday. I am so sad, Shiva. You do not understand what I am going through. There is only one feeling which is killing my mind- if I ever see her at least once, I will slap her in her face and ask why did she fake our relationship?
Life is just like this my dear friend, said Shiva. We lose something and we gain something instead. We are not the creators of lives but the creator is invisible. Sometimes we think, the “other person” is ours but I am sorry, Ted. Please remember, we are here in this planet alone and we will go alone. Look at me, often I say to people that- “I live one day and I die same day”. You are your philosophical wisdom, Come on! They are all crap. Nobody will understand what you mean by this quoted text.
Let me give you explanation of this quoted text, my dear! We wake up early in the morning, Right? Yes said Ted, then we do out “things”. Yes said Ted. Later, we during evening we go back to sleep and become “unconscious”, while you are in this state you do not know what is going on around you. Sometimes we see dreams but those are just like “feelings of wind” when you are “conscious”.
Whatever! Why did she leave me?, Asked Ted. She did not leave you; she just went in search of something which is unknown. Girls like mysteries and they are very unpredictable. With time, you need to become unpredictable as well. Most of the times we men, are very predictable. Girls can easily predict what we are thinking or what we want or what we desire. While this makes some Girls very Boring and some finds it amusing sometimes. Somebody has said it right, “Behind every successful men, there is women”. Why? Have you ever thought on this issue? Just because, with every successful men, are unpredictable in nature.
Why do you generalize Shiva? You cannot blame the entire world and all the men stating that, those who are successful are unpredictable. Ted, Listen! You can always disagree with me. I am just stating my point here. Think where you went wrong while Maria was with you. Think, my dear friend! Just last night you were writing a poem “I love you” especially for Valentine’s Day. Now see- where is she now? She might be hanging with someone else, some other Teds.
As Nature is unpredictable, so are Women. Because women are part of Nature and We are part of them. Please disagree with me, Ted. But I am your friend and I am thinking on behalf of you and your lost partner- Maria. Now tell me, how many times did you make love with her?
Shiva! Why do you want to know about sex now? Sex is integral part to make any person happy. There are some elements which a human can do, to make other people happy. For example, Sex, Smile (especially in worries) and there are more which I cannot explain now. Hmm, Interesting. Well there were few times when we did really make out but it was not often. Because, many of the times I was busy in my work and it was not daily. This is the place you are caught again! Listen, Men is giver and Women are receiver. Remember always this, Ted. More you can give, the more you will get and less you can give, less you will get. Oh not again!, What do you mean? I mean, dedication and hard work in giving, will result more into happiness and pleasure. We all live in busy world, with our busy schedule and work but do not get busy because Maria will think, you are not dedicating more time to her, it has to be in balance format. Sometimes, we dedicate our entire time to women and then it become too much. And, sometime we dedicate very few times with women and it becomes too few. Balance is what is needed, my dear friend. Balance, Remember- Just like Nature itself.
Well, this sounds very interesting. Thank you Shiva for letting me knows that, women are women and we need to be unpredictable just like nature to have balance in life and relationships. I appreciate your effort on this education.
Two days later, Ted saw Maria in the lift of Hotel Everest. She was kissing some guy. Maria stared at him and very next second ignored him. Ted felt little uncomfortable watching the scene. He went to bar and took uncontrolled pegs of whisky, “Chivas Reagel”, while taking the last peg-Ted speaks out and said, “Good bye, bitch”!
Maria why are you here, Asked Ted. I am sorry Ted, “It was my entire fault. I loved you then and I cannot live without you”, said Maria.
The sunlight fell into the eyes of Ted and he woke up in despair.

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