Goodbye, My lover

January 27, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Life is full of tragidies,
Sorrow and pain all the way,
Love is just a mere questions
You are nothing but a mirror reflection

I am sorry, if my words did not come out right
I am sorry, if my decisions were difficult to make
But, What about all your promises?
Are they all false, just to make or fake?

Thousand times, yours- “I love you”
Millions times yours- “I care about you”
All are NOW, Puzzle, Sizzles and Drizzles.

Oh dear!, Where did we go wrong?
Is it me, far from you?
Or, are you going someone’s else near?

All my life I worked hard
Who do you think, was this for?
Wasn’t it for you?,you said, you will share!

Pain, sorrows and love all the way
Now I ask you, why do you go someone’s else near?

I am feeling pain, which no one could hear.
I am very old NOW, to properly hear.
Even though, NOW-I have “my family”,
it was you, who I cared.

Well, I hope that very someone will care
There are no regrets, no pain, no suprises
Because Oneday, you did what I feared.

Now I know,Why- Every rose has its throns.
Just like Every night has its dawn.

All promises are broken,
Memories still remains, though!
I know, why I did not said,”I love you”
Because I knew, One day you will fade away.

Good bye, My lover, Good bye.
I hope and pray, Your satisfaction.
With those who will share.
Your beauty and blossomness-
Good bye, and Take care.

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